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Peter Martin ABEL

Date Of Death13 April 1997


DiagnosisA crew had lit-up a fuse to initiate the blasting of a stripping round near a decline face and, using a vehicle, retreated up the decline past the point of where another party was looking for them, without either party noticing the other. The second party, which included deceased, then traveled down the decline to the face, still in search of the face crew and unaware that the blast had been initiated. As Mr Abel got out of the car, the blast detonated and was he struck by a flying rock.

- Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety


Date Of Death8 January 1984


DiagnosisWas pinned beneath the steering column of a front-end loader, which rolled over on a haul road.

William ADAMS

Date Of Death5 December 1903 : Reg 94/1903


DiagnosisAdams and Sullivan were a little in advance of their companions, and were shovelling a lot of loose stuff away. There was apparently nothing that indicated impending danger. Just then, however, there was a rumbling noise, and Collopy and the Austrian were horrified to see a big boulder break away and carry with it their two mates, William ADAMS and Benjamin SULLIVAN.

Philip Uphill ADAMS

Date Of Death22 May 1911 : Reg 18 1911 Mt Margaret

OccupationMine Surveyor

DiagnosisThe cage went out of control and fell 2000ft to the bottom of the shaft. Also killed were Frank ROONEY, Luigi BACANALLI and Raimondo BONFANTI.

George Charles Otto ADOLPH

Date Of Death15 November 1904 : Reg North East Coolgardie 28/1904


DiagnosisFell down mine shaft after missing his footing.

With sickening regularity the fatal accidents in connection with the mining industry continue. Since our last issue three valuable lives have been lost—Charles Adolph fell down a shaft at Kanowna and was picked up dead, Samuel Eddy was blown to pieces at the South Kalgurli, and L. Evans was mangled by the machinery at the Horseshoe and died in the hospital. Truly a curse hangs over the yellow metal. Would that we were able to do without it.
- Westralian Worker Fri 25 Nov 1904

Charles AGIUS

Date Of Death1 June 1936 : Reg 15/1936 Murchison


DiagnosisBuried under a fall of rock.

Felice AGONI

Date Of Death25 February 1970 : Reg 36/1917 East Coolgardie (Kalgoorlie)

OccupationUnderground locomotive driver

DiagnosisCrushed between the underground locomotive and a ventilation door. There were no witnesses but it was possible that he accidentally knocked the control lever into a reverse position whilst still outside the cab. He suffered a fractured skull. - DMP Annual Report 1970

Franco (Frank) AGOSTINELLI

Date Of Death10 November 1955 : 407/1955 Fremantle

OccupationQuarry Worker

DiagnosisAsphyxiated when buried under a fall of limestone. The face had been made unsafe by excessive undercutting.

John Douglas AIKMAN

Date Of Death12 February 1896 : Unable to find death registration.


DiagnosisWindlass barrel fell down the shaft, pinning Aikman to the side. He died several hours later.

Pietro "Peter" ALBA

Date Of Death5 October 1939 : Reg 23/1939 Yilgarn

OccupationMachine Miner

DiagnosisHead blown off in explosion. Giacomo ARMANI also killed in same accident.


Date Of Death9 July 1923 : Reg 12/1923 Mt Margaret


DiagnosisDied of heart failure at the end of his shift.


Date Of Death26 September 1912.


DiagnosisAlcock worked all his life in the mines in New England, NSW, then Day Dawn at Cue, and Frasers, Southern Cross. He appeared before the Royal Commission on the Ventilation and Sanitation of Mines at Southern Cross in 1904. He made several trips to South Africa between 1905 and 1912 where he died.

A few months after his death, his daughter, Martha Feltham, wrote to her aunt: "Mother received full particulars of Dad's death. He died from "Miners Complaint" in the hospital. Mother gets 400 pounds compensation, in or about March."


Date Of Death27 May 1976 : Reg 29/1976

OccupationPermanent way inspector.

DiagnosisWhile driving a H-rail vehicle, he ran into the rear of an ore train.

William Brewer ALFORD

Date Of Death25 September 1913 - accident occurred several month earlier : Reg 127/1913 East Coolgardie (Kalgoorlie)


DiagnosisInjured collarbone while crushing at the local battery. Died in Kalgoorlie Hospital from complications. (Battery on mining lease)


Date Of Death12 May 1909 : Reg 71/1909 Boulder


DiagnosisKilled by a fall of stone at the Oroya-Brown Hill Central Boulder Mine.

George Anton ANDERSON

Date Of Death31 March 1915 : Reg 53/1915 Wellington


DiagnosisShock and loss of blood from an accidental fall of stone.

Andrew Thomas Maxwell 'Drew' ANDERSON

Date Of Death11 June 1986

OccupationTruck Driver

DiagnosisMr Anderson was assisting in the removal of a 60-tonne haul truck from a low loader when a jack slipped, causing the truck to drop. Mr Anderson was crushed between the front tyre and a wooden chock.
- Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

George Albert (Russon) ANDERSON

Date Of Death25 September 1934: Reg East Coolgardie 214/1934


DiagnosisMines department Report 1934 A slight accident caused the death of another miner. He slipped while descending a pass and injured his knee. He died four months later from toxemia as a result of the accident.


Date Of Death3 April 1907 : Reg 11/1907 East Murchison


DiagnosisFell out of ascending cage. Also killed were Owen OWENS and Vince CATTANEO.


Date Of Death24 March 1915 : Reg 31/1915 Boulder


DiagnosisCrushed by a fall of rock. Accident occurred on the 23rd March.


Date Of Death23 July 1899 : Reg 455/1899


DiagnosisCrushed by the Cornish lift pump when he slipped.

James Harry "Henry" ANGWIN

Date Of Death27 May 1911 : Reg Boulder 88/1911

OccupationShift Boss

DiagnosisPreparing to fire loose rock off the hanging wall of a stope when the ground came away and killed Harry ANGWIN and Benjamin WILLIAMS.

Albert Desmond ARCHER

Date Of Death6 November 1917 : Reg 29/1917 Mt Margaret.

OccupationFitter and turner's apprentice

DiagnosisArcher was using an emery wheel when it shattered and he was killed by debris.


Date Of Death1 June 1981


DiagnosisRun over when servicing a front end loader while the engine was running.

John William ARMSTRONG

Date Of Death5 September 1919 : Reg 222/1919 East Coolgardie (Kalgoorlie)


DiagnosisHit by falling rock and died in hospital.


Date Of Death5 January 1932 : Reg 4/1932 Mt Margaret Accident occurred on 4th Jan Died in the Leonora hospital the following day.


DiagnosisKilled by a fall of rock.

Terrence Roger ATKINSON

Date Of Death5 June 1971 : Reg 17/1971 Roebourne

OccupationTruck driver

DiagnosisHis 100-ton loaded Dart truck ran off the haul road in bad weather and he was thrown out.

Allan Murray AYLES

Date Of Death23 March 1916 : Reg 4/1916 East Murchison

OccupationBattery Hand

DiagnosisAyles was caught in the driving belt of a berdan pan at the state battery, Wiluna, and crushed.

Alessio AZZOLA

Date Of Death27 February 1936 : Reg 8/1936 Boulder

OccupationMachine miner

DiagnosisKilled by an explosion.

Marijan BABICH

Date Of Death26 July 1936 : Reg 162/1936 East Coolgardie (Kalgoorlie)


DiagnosisAccident occurred on the 18th May - fall down ore shaft.


Date Of Death22 May 1911 : Reg 19/1911 Mt Margaret


DiagnosisThe cage went out of control and fell 2000ft to the bottom of the shaft. BACANALLI died in the Leonora Hospital. Also killed were Frank ROONEY, Philip ADAMS and Raimondo BONFANTI.