One of the WAVMM volunteers, Eric Chamberlain, uncovered further details of this miner who achieved so much in his life up to when he was killed at only 38 yrs of age. I think you will agree that her deserves a special mention.

His name has quite a few variations, as do many of the Italian/Slav miners. I will list them all in case a relative may be searching for him.

Angelo Giovanni or (Gioronni) ZANOTTI or ZONOTTI or ZONETTI however, to his friend and workmates he was just ‘Jack”. It was very common for miners to shorten or anglicise their names probably as it was easier for people to remember. Stephano would become Steve, Bortolomo would be Bert, and of course Giovanni would either be John or Jack.

A group of Italian Miners at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora

A group of Italian Miners at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora

An Italian Soldier-Miner. – Giovani  (Jack), Zonetti, the unfortunate miner who lost his life through a fall of earth at Reedys on the 21st inst., was an Italian soldier who served on the Italian front during the Great War. Although only 38 years of age when he met his death, he had been through two wars,having served during the war with Tripoli prior to 1915 when Italy joined with the Allies. Whilst fighting on the Italian front he was wounded, but was able to rejoin his brigade and was with it when peace was declared. As a soldier he served his country well and received a medal for meritorious conduct in action. Four years ago he left his wife and three children in Italy and came to Western Australia to settle down and bring his family out as soon as circumstances would permit.

I wonder what became of his family who he never saw again.