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Date Of Death26 September 1912.


DiagnosisAlcock worked all his life in the mines in New England, NSW, then Day Dawn at Cue, and Frasers, Southern Cross. He appeared before the Royal Commission on the Ventilation and Sanitation of Mines at Southern Cross in 1904. He made several trips to South Africa between 1905 and 1912 where he died.

A few months after his death, his daughter, Martha Feltham, wrote to her aunt: "Mother received full particulars of Dad's death. He died from "Miners Complaint" in the hospital. Mother gets 400 pounds compensation, in or about March."

David BOND

Date Of Death9 October 1918


DiagnosisFibrosis and pulmonary tuberculosis.


Date Of DeathJune 1910


DiagnosisDied at his home in Ballarat, Victoria, of miners' phthisis, 18 months after leaving the Great Fingall.


Date Of Death07 September 1915


DiagnosisInquest:-Sunday Times, Sun 12 Sep 1915 Page 14 The adjourned inquiry into the death of Thomas Brennan, an old goldfields identity, whose body was found in the lavatory at the Coolgardie Government Hospital, brought to light some distressing facts. Brennan had been for a long time an inmate of the Coolgardie Hospital, suffering from consumption and stricture. He was among those sent from Coolgardie to Wooroloo; under treatment he improved considerably, and asked to be allowed to return to Coolgardie. He was discharged from Wooroloo, and was, he said, conveyed for five or six miles to the station in a drenching-rain. This brought on a recurrence of the stricture trouble, accompanied by terrible pain. He was admitted as a patient to the hospital, and finally cut his throat with a razor. The jury, found that he died from a wound self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane, and added a rider suggesting to the authorities that properly covered conveyances should be provided for patients to and from Wooroloo, having regard, of course, to the weather. The "Sun" has previously animadverted on the monstrous carelessness of those in authority in this respect.


Date Of Death4 November 1915


DiagnosisDied of pneumoconiosis and pulmonary tuberculosis. (Pneumoconiosis is an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust, often in mines and from agriculture.)