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Franco (Frank) AGOSTINELLI

Date Of Death10-11-1955

OccupationQuarry Worker

DiagnosisAsphyxiated when buried under fall of limestone. The face had been made unsafe by excessive undercutting.


Date Of Death12 May 1909


DiagnosisKilled by a fall of stone at the Oroya-Brown Hill Central Boulder Mine.

James Harry (Henry) ANGWIN

Date Of Death27-05-1911 : Reg Boulder 88/1911

OccupationShift Boss

DiagnosisPreparing to fire loose rock off the hanging wall of a stope when the ground came away and killed Harry Angwin and Benjamin WIlliams.

Allan Murray AYLES

Date Of Death23-03-1916

OccupationBattry Hand

DiagnosisAyles was caught in the driving belt of a berdan pan at the state battery, WIluna